domingo, janeiro 14, 2007

The son of Satan

The battle between good and evil is real. You just need to select it, if it’s in your mind or if you prefer the religious way.
The human concept is a mess. And who ever build it failed hard.
Recently I had a healthy discussion about the possibility on the existence or not of two or more realities, (witch eventually is going to make me write a brand new post, later) well in a thought – what if the truth consists on the existence of six billions realities?
Is it so hard to believe in a reality for each and every soul on earth?
Why don’t we go along with each other?
Two thousand years ago the son of God was born to correct our failure, to pay for our sins, us, us, us, we, we, we.
Why not Him?
Why doesn’t He take the responsibility for once? After all He created us, we are Is failure too.
Free will is the answer “they” say. By having the privilege of free will we also gain the responsibility for our actions.
What about Satan?
He didn’t have the free will. A failure from whom now?
God’s favourite Angel fall’s from heaven for eternity. Why?
Being excluded from heaven brought Satan’s new feelings, anger, hate, despair and envy among others.
According to the Holy Bible the son of Satan will be born to end God’s creation (us) and, once again our saviour “Jesus” will come in our need.
Two thousand years ago the son of God was born to correct our failure. Taking a good look to the world i risk saying that the job wasn’t perfect.
I see two realities now.
One – the human, there is no saviour because there is no material evil, the son of Satan wont come to end us, we will
Two – the religious (different) the son of Satan “wont come” because He already is here (we just need to look to the world), being this one true… where is Jesus?
Being true… I don’t have fear of the son of Satan, do you?

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NunoSioux disse...

Ponto nº1:
Vais para o Inferno

Ponto nº2: Ninguem vem ca para nos salvar! (sim estamos mesmo por nossa conta!)

Ponto nº3: Se o Homem errou, só pode ser culpa do seu criador! "A equipa é a imagem do chefe!"

Ponto nº4: A cena da liberdade de escolha é uma grande tanga! Primeiro digam-me o que tenho que escolher, e só depois escolho!

Ponto nº5:Não tenho medo do filho do outro! Porque o homem é o pior "mal" que pode existir!

Ponto nº6:Podem agredecer tudo isto ao "criador"

Jinhos Fofos!

PS: "o Maior dos erros de DEus" Brevemente no seu fabulástico blog: Alucinados Titanic

apleman disse...

I've heard that the son of the Devil are already among us!!!
I belive that he is disguised of a old man!! He is fat, portuguese and his nickname his "Bochechas".
I do not dare to say His real name!!